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MOFCOM spokesman's comment on EU ending MIPs on Chinese PV products

On August 31st, the European Commission announced to end the Minimum Import Prices (MIPs) on Chinese imports of solar cells and modules from September 3rd. Here is the comment from MOFCOM spokesman.

China welcomes the ending of anti-dumping and countervailing measures on Chinese PV products by the EU. The trade dispute gets solved gradually thanks to the engagement of the leadership on both sides as well as joint efforts by the public and private sectors. It sets a good example of successfully addressing trade frictions through consultations. With the EU to end the MIPs on PV products from China, the bilateral PV trade will finally go back to normal, allowing a more stable and predictable business environment for business cooperation, and bringing mutual benefits and win-win results to industries.

As important clean energy, widely-used PV products will help countries tackle climate change, thus of great significance to achieving the greenhouse gas emission goals. Climate change and transformation to clean energy is an imminent and critical issue. China stays committed to cooperation with the EU to advance the agenda of low emission of global greenhouse gas, adaptation to climate change and sustainable development, and promote global free trade and rules-based multilateral trading system in order to contribute to creating a low carbon economy across the board.

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