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MFA Spokesperson Geng Shuang's Comments on the the EU strategy on connecting Europe and Asia

Q: On September 19, the European Commission issued a policy document titled "the EU strategy on connecting Europe and Asia", which represents the most comprehensive and systematic policies and proposals put forth by the EU on the Eurasian connectivity so far. The paper said that China would be a priority for bilateral cooperation and highlighted the China-EU cooperation on the connectivity platform as well as the cooperation between the EU and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. What is your comment?

A: We have noted that the EU issued the policy document on the Eurasian connectivity yesterday. The document speaks highly of the significance of the Eurasian connectivity and its role in driving the Eurasian economic growth, advocates the "comprehensive, sustainable and rules-based connectivity" and expresses the EU's willingness to strengthen cooperation with China and other Asian countries. We hope that the EU can play a constructive role in advancing the Eurasian connectivity and send out the positive signal of promoting the economic cooperation between the Eurasian countries and building an open world economy.

Strengthening the connectivity of the Eurasian continent will help open up new room for the economic growth of the region as well as the world and inject new impetus into the cooperation between the Eurasian countries. It serves the common interests of all relevant parties. The Chinese side always actively supports the Eurasian connectivity, which is also an important goal of the Belt and Road Initiative. The leaders of China and the EU have reached consensus on seeking synergy between the Belt and Road Initiative and the EU's connectivity plan. Our two sides have also established the China-EU connectivity platform. We believe that with the concerted efforts of China and the EU, the China-EU connectivity will continuously make new progress and deliver benefits to the people of all countries in the region.

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