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Remarks by Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang on European Parliament's Motion for a Resolution on Security Threats connected with Chinese Technological Presence in the EU

Q: According to reports, during a session this week, the European Parliament will call on Brussels to assess the cyber threat of China's participation in the development of 5G telecommunications system and analyze the possibility of access to hidden data by foreign IT equipment. A draft resolution set to be voted on March 12 said that the increase of China's technological presence in the EU poses serious security threats that require urgent action to be taken at EU level. What's your comment?

A: As far as I know, not a single country or organization has been able to provide convincing evidence in support of the so-called technology security threats posed by China. The playing-up of this issue and concerns raised by ill-informed people are short of definite evidence. Science and technology, a force without borders, is an important foundation for the sustainable development of the world economy and crucial impetus for common progress of mankind. Suspecting and guarding against each other in the absence of evidence and following a beggar-thy-neighbor policy are not in line with the course of globalization or scientific and technological development. You may imagine, if all economies were to resort to insulatio, we would end up in a situation where developed economies who need the markets more will suffer more.

As champions and defenders of multilateralism, China and the EU share clear consensus and common interests in upholding rules-based multilateralism. We hope the EU will remain objective and rational, stay committed to the ideal of openness and cooperation and the free and fair principle, refrain from protectionism and making everything a political or security issue, and avoid sending wrong signals so as to provide a fair and just environment for China-EU cooperation across the board, including in science and technology and promote the sound and steady development of our comprehensive strategic partnership.

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