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Spokesperson of the Chinese Mission to the EU Speaks on a Question Concerning High Representative/Vice President's Comments on Xinjiang

Q: At the European Parliament plenary debate on December 18, EU High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell expressed concerns about the existence of the so-called political re-education camps, the use of widespread surveillance with advanced technologies, and severe limitations to the freedom of conscience and religion in Xinjiang. He also recalled the request to allow meaning access to the region for independent observers and EU ambassadors. What is your comment?

A: We have noticed the wrong remarks made by the EU side. We are gravely concerned about and firmly opposed to that, and have lodged serious representation. Xinjiang-related issues are not about human rights, ethnicity or religion, but about the fight against violence, terrorism and separatism. Terrorism is a common challenge for all countries, and Europe is also a victim. Therefore, it is not advisable for the EU side to hold double standards.

Shortly after the inauguration of the new EU institutions, Chinese and EU leaders got in close contacts in various formats, and sent a strong political signal of strengthening strategic cooperation. This speaks volumes about the great importance that China attaches to its relations with the EU. Next year marks the 45th anniversary of China-EU diplomatic ties, and will bring even greater opportunities for the growth of China-EU relations. It is our hope that the EU side could seize this opportunity, stop lecturing others on human rights with a sense of superiority, and refrain from following others’ steps to slander China with groundless arguments. We hope that the EU would work with China in a spirit of mutual respect to promote cooperation and keep the good momentum of China-EU relations. We welcome the relevant Europeans to visit Xinjiang and see the region with their own eyes. It is believed that anyone with an objective and impartial mind would get to know a different Xinjiang.

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