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 Spokesperson of the Chinese Mission to the EU Speaks on a Question Concerning the 5G Toolbox

Q: Today, the European Commission endorsed the 5G toolbox, which does not exclude Chinese companies from the construction of Europe’s 5G networks. The toolbox identifies such risks as interference from non-EU state or state-backed actors and overreliance on one single supplier. The specific measures will be assessed and implemented by the Member States. What is your comment?

A: We have noticed the release of the EU 5G toolbox. We are now studying and assessing it.

5G cyber security is a new global challenge that concerns all countries and peoples, and could only be addressed through international cooperation. However, a handful of countries and politicians, driven by their own hidden agenda, are sparing no efforts to politicize the issue of cyber security, and seek to restrict and bring down countries and companies of a different social system. Such an outdated cold-war mentality is posing the biggest risk to cyber security, and must be rejected categorically.

The EU has long stood by the principles of multilateralism, free trade and market openness. It is our hope that the EU would act on these principles in good faith to foster a fair, open, just and non-discriminatory environment for business investment and operation, and would join hands with China in harnessing the enormous opportunities of the new wave of scientific and technological revolution to deliver win-win results and shared progress.

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