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National Anthem
              The national anthem was written in 1935, the lyrics by Tian Han,
          a famous poet, and the music by Nie Er, a famous composer. The
          lyrics are as follows:

               Arise, all who refuse to be slaves!
               With our flesh and blood
               Let us build our new Great Wall.
               The Chinese nation faces its greatest danger,
               From each one the urgent call for action comes forth:
               Arise! Arise! Arise!
               Millions with but one heart,
               Braving the enemy's fire, march on!
               Braving the enemy's fire, march on!
               March on! March on! On!
              This song, originally named "March of the Volunteers," is the
          theme song of the film "Zhonghua Ernu" or the "Young Heroes and
          Heroines in Stormy Years". The film describes the people who went to
          the front to fight against the invaders in the 1930's when Japan
          invaded northeast China and the fate of the Chinese nation was
          hanging in the balance.
              "March of the Volunteers," inspiring and forceful, expresses the
          determination of the Chinese people to sacrifice themselves for
          national liberation, and their fine tradition of bravery, firmness
          and unity in their fight against aggression. It was for this reason
          that the CPPCC on September 27, 1949 decided to adopt the song as
          the national anthem of the People's Republic of China.

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