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Glance-China Five-Year Plan for Renewable

12th Five-Year Plan for Renewable Energy Development

General objectives

To enlarge the scale of renewable energy applications, to promote the integration of renewable energy and conventional energy systems, to increase the proportion of renewable energy in energy mix; to improve the overall capability for innovation in renewable energy technology, to master the core technologies of renewable energy, to establish a sound and competitive renewable energy industries.

Key indicators

1. The proportion of renewable energy in energy consumption will significantly increase. By 2015, the annual renewable energy consumption will reach 478 million tons of standard coal equivalents (TCE); including 400 million TCE coming from commercialized renewable energy, representing more than 9.5% in overall energy mix.

2. The electricity generation from renewable energy sources will become an important part of overall power system. During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the new installed renewable energy capacity will reach 160 GW, including 61 GW of hydropower (excluding pumped hydro), 70 GW of wind power, 20 GW of solar power and 7.5 GW of biomass power. The electricity generation from renewable sources would account for more than 20% of total electricity generation by 2015.

3. Renewable energy will significantly replace fossil energy for heating and conventional fuels. China will continue to enlarge the scales of solar heating utilization, promote the direct application of medium-low temperature geothermal energy and heat pump technology, promote biomass molding fuel and biomass cogeneration, and speed up the development of biogas. By 2015, around 100 million TCE of fossil energy will be replaced by renewable energies to satisfy heating and fuel demand.

4. Applications of distributed renewable energy will be scaled-up. Establishing grid supporting system and management system in favor of distributed electricity generation such as solar power; establishing 30 new energy micro-grid demonstration projects; integrating diversified renewable energy technologies, such as distributed electricity generation ( solar power, etc.) and renewable energy for heating and fuel applications; Establishing 100 New-Energy City and 200 Green-Energy County for pilot. Take advantage of distributed energy to supply electricity to areas where grid can not cover. Energy supplies of more than 50% rural households will get access to renewable energies such as biogas, solar energy and biomass-gasification.

Source:China National Renewable Energy Centre 

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