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EU-China Aviation Research and Development Cooperation – Fruitful Results

A conference in Brussels on 3-5 March celebrates the success of China-EU cooperation in the field of aviation technology. Co-chaired by Mr Rudolf Strohmeier, Deputy Director of the European Research and Innovation, and Mr Li Benjian, Chinese Deputy Director of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the conference welcomes nearly 100 experts from more than 60 Chinese and European organisations, including universities, research centres and enterprises.

China and the EU have agreed to conduct a second round of bidding for R&D projects; the plan is to carry out a joint assessment of the bids in 2015 and officially launch the new aviation technology cooperation projects in 2016. The two sides have also agreed to further refine relevant working mechanisms, with the establishment of a China-EU aviation technology cooperation platform that is stable and long-term.

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