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China-Belgium science and technology cooperation

The science and technology cooperation between China and Belgium started in early 1980’s. Over the past 20 years, various types of cooperation activities such as joint research, technical development, demonstration, training, seminars, workshops and conferences have been carried out in the fields of agriculture, geology, archaeology, seismology, remote sensing, oceanography, energy, information and communication, electronics, nuclear safety, environment, advanced materials, metallurgy, biotechnology and pharmacy. On the Belgium side, the cooperation has been undertaken both at federal and regional levels.

China S&T cooperation with Belgium federal government:

In 1979, the Protocol for Science and Technology Cooperation between China and the economic union of Belgium- Luxemburg was signed. Under this protocol, a Joint-Committee for S&T cooperation was then established in 1981.
Up to 2000, the Joint-Committee has been held for 13 joint meetings and 246 projects have been executed. The Joint-Committee meeting is held in every two years.
Besides the above Protocol, agreements have been signed between Chinese Academy of Science, National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Fund for Science Research-Flanders(Belgium), National Fund of Science Research(Belgium).

China S&T cooperation with Belgium regional government:

In 1996, Memorandum of Science and Technology Cooperation was signed between the State Science and Technology Commission of the People’s Republic of China and the Science Policy Programming Administration of Flanders. 5 Joint-Committee meetings have been held with 43 Projects executed.
The Joint-Committee meeting is held every year.

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