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China-EU Scientific and Technological Cooperation and Exchange

Scientific and technological cooperation and exchange which started in the early 1980s is an integrated part of overall China-EU relations.  Over the past 20 years, various types of cooperation activities such as research, technological development, demonstration, training, seminars, workshops and conferences, joint research centres  have been carried out in the fields of energy, information and communication, agriculture, biotechnology, health, environment and natural resources, transport, etc.  To plan and supervise these cooperative activities,  China-EU Working Groups on S & T (evolved to S & T Steering Committee since 1999), Environment, Energy, Information and Communication Cooperation were established in 1991, 1994, 1996 and 1998  respectively.  The Agreement for Scientific and Technological Cooperation between China and European Community was singed on December 22, 1998,  which allows the participation in the core of  European Commission¬ís RTD Framework Program by Chinese scientists and Chinese S & T programs by EU scientists.

S & T

The Chinese participation in European Commission¬ís RTD Framework Programs with developing countries (INCO-DC) began in the mid 1980s and has notably increased during 4th  Framework Program(1994-1998). More than 50 projects have included Chinese partners under 4th  Framework Program , which made China one of the few non-EU countries with such extensive participation.
With the entry into force of the Agreement for Scientific and Technological Cooperation , over 30 projects with Chinese participation have been selected under  the thematic programs and INCO of 5th Framework Program(1998-2002) while European scientists have participated in the projects under Chinese national basic research program.


Energy cooperation dates back to 1981. It   has become one of the most active fields of China-EU bilateral S & T relations. Over 90 cooperative projects in the forms of training courses, policy studies, research, technological demonstration, seminars, conferences and networking have been conducted  between energy communities in China and EU. Eight training centres have been set up in China and more than 5000 Chinese received training in coal combustion technologies, energy saving technologies, energy policy and management, etc. Three China-EU energy cooperation conferences were held in 1994, 1996 and 1999 respectively. The Fourth Energy Cooperation Conference is going to take place 18 June 2001 in Beijing.  Currently under consultation is energy/environment cooperation program which aims at furthering cooperation in key areas including cleaner coal, natural gas, energy efficiency and renewable energy .

Information and  Communication (Information Society)

Information and communication cooperation in technology development, industrial cooperation and  policy framework have been intensifying since the early 1990s. Projects such as flood forecast system, GSM, CIMS, DAB/DVB, intelligent transport,  3 G mobile communication, etc. have yielded fruitful results. China-EU dialogue mechanism on information society is in place. China-EU Cooperation Forum on Information Society is scheduled 16-20 April  2002 in Beijing.


Ongoing projects include integrated environment protection in Liaoning Province, environment management scheme of China, etc.

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