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Qipao Show Hosted by the Chinese Mission to the EU

A Qipao show themed “Century-old Qipao: From Shanghai to Brussels” was opened at the China Cultural Center in Brussels (CCCB) on 26 April. Ambassador Zhang Ming and EEAS Deputy Secretary-General Jean-Christophe Belliard, among other guests, were present.

In his opening remarks, Ambassador Zhang said that fashion mirrors social movements. The modern version of Qipao was developed in Shanghai in the 1920s when the city became a commercial port and underwent huge changes in terms of economy, social life, culture, and sense of beauty. Qipao has now become an iconic dress for Chinese women, and has been listed as China’s intangible cultural heritage.

Ambassador Zhang said, “To understand China better, communication is important. I believe that tonight, you will be able to get a better knowledge of China’s history, culture, lifestyle and values, and see the new outlook of modern China. I look forward to your continued contribution to the exchanges and cooperation between China and the EU.”

Deputy Secretary-General Belliard said that, as China further opens up, an increasing number of Chinese students are studying in Europe. This year is the EU-China Tourism Year. This is a good opportunity to enhance mutual understanding. The Qipao show is a great platform to demonstrate Chinese culture and promote the EU-China relations.

CCCB Director Mr. Tan Shu and President of Shanghai Intangible Cultural Heritage Conservation Association (SICHCA) Mr. Gao Chunming also addressed the audience.

After the opening ceremony, female diplomats and spouses of diplomats from the Chinese Mission to the EU, Chinese students in Belgium as well as European friends, presented a fashion show featuring traditional and modernized Qipao.

The Qipao exhibition co-hosted by the CCCB and the SICHCA will last until 18 May. The exhibition depicts the history of Qipao and its interplay with western culture and brings together many valuable objects related to Qipao.

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