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Chinese Mission to the EU and Chinese Embassy in Belgium hold a fairy tale festival together with a local school

The China-EU Fairy Tale Festival, jointly organized by the Chinese Mission to the EU, Chinese Embassy in Belgium and European School of Brussels IV, was held in Brussels on May 18, 2019. The event was addressed by Mme. Cai Xiaoli, wife of Ambassador Zhang Ming, Head of the Chinese Mission to the EU, and Mr. Manuel Bordoy, Director of European School of Brussels IV, attended by more than 200 people including teachers, students and parents from China and the EU.

In her speech, Mme. Cai Xiaoli said that both China and the EU have a long history, time-honored culture and many great literary fairy tales. The China-EU Fairy Tale Festival is intended to help Chinese and European youths get to know each other better and cement the long-standing friendship between China and Europe. Moreover, children in Europe can get a clearer and better picture of China through Chinese fairy tales.

Mr. Manuel Bordoy said that Chinese is an important language in the world. The European School of Brussels IV considers the cooperation with China very important and has offered special Chinese courses to expose the students to a different culture. The China-EU Fairy Tale Festival presents a great opportunity to promote the exchanges and mutual understanding between China and the EU.


The festival began with the classic pantomime “Little Mermaid” performed by Mme. Cai together with three Chinese and foreign teenagers. In nearly two hours, youths from China and Europe put on wonderful performances such as narration of classic fairy tales, pantomimes, and Chinese clapper talks, winning ripples of applause from the audience.


Everyone was too excited to say goodbye when the event came to a close. The European School of Brussels IV expressed interest in strengthening educational cooperation with China. Parents on both sides look forward to more similar exchanges in the future.


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