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Asia-Pacific International Bazaar and Fashion Show Is Held in Brussels

On 18 June 2019, the Asia-Pacific International Bazaar and Fashion Show was held in Brussels. Themed "Love and Beauty", the event brought together more than 400 guests from the Asia-Pacific, Europe and other parts of the world. Among them were senior officials of the EU and international organizations such as Gunnar Wiegand, EEAS Managing Director for Asia and Pacific, István Ujhelyi, Vice Chair of the European Parliament Committee on Transport and Tourism (TRAN), and Ricardo Treviño Chapa, Deputy Secretary-General of World Customs Organization (WCO) and their wives, as well as ambassadors and/or their spouses from more than 20 countries such as Germany, Mexico, India, Republic of Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, and Pakistan.

Mr. Zhang Ming, Chinese Ambassador to the EU, said in his keynote speech that Asia-Pacific, as one of the most culturally diverse and dynamic regions in the world, is a valid proof that different civilizations could coexist in harmony. For thousands of years, Asia-Pacific and Europe, at the two ends of the Silk Road, have been connected by strong commercial and cultural ties. The two sides need to join forces for greater prosperity and a shared brighter future.

Mme. Cai Xiaoli, President of the Asia-Pacific Women's Association (APWA), said in her speech that APWA, in its 33 years' history, has served as a warm home for women diplomats and wives of diplomats from the Asia-Pacific, and as a bridge of friendship and trust linking the East and the West. Women have a crucial role to play in promoting peace and beauty. The kaleidoscopic national costumes of APWA members will show a perfect fusion of tradition and modernity and bear out the value of win-win as embodied in APWA philosophy.

The fashion show started with the APWA theme song performed by children of Chinese diplomats. Then women diplomats and wives of diplomats at the Chinese Mission and their children took stage in turn, dressed in traditional qipao and evening gowns, inviting a long ovation from the audience.


After that, women diplomats from 17 countries, including the Republic of Korea, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nepal and Fiji, displayed different styles of traditional costumes and staged cultural performances in between, earning rounds of applause. The event culminated with a Tibetan folk dance, bringing the event to a climax.


A charity bazaar was held on the same day, featuring a wide range of handicrafts from China, India, Indonesia, Brunei, Nigeria, among other countries. The proceeds of the bazaar will be used for charity purposes, helping those affected by disasters and disadvantaged groups.


Mr. Wiegand applauded the function as a landmark public diplomacy event featuring women. Mr. Ujhelyi noted that the event provided a good platform for Asia-Pacific countries to display their cultures, truly demonstrating the spirit of togetherness as embodied in the Belt and Road Initiative. Other guests said that APWA gave everyone a memorable experience and appreciated the APWA culture of diversity, inclusiveness and love.

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