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Ambassador Zhang Ming: the EU would not want to see its DNA of free trade changed

On 19 December 2019, Ambassador Zhang Ming, Head of the Chinese Mission to the EU, gave an exclusive interview to the Financial Times. He talked about his views on the EU’s proposal to take a tougher line on non-EU state-owned enterprises.

Ambassador Zhang said, “I have noticed some recent proposals and developments on the EU side regarding FDI screening and so on. That has got some Chinese entrepreneurs working in Europe suspicious. That also has some kind of impact on Chinese investments in the EU. I am following the developments with interest and concerns. But now I would not rush to a definite conclusion or give the EU a definition. The EU often says that multilateralism and market economy are in its DNA. I don’t think that the EU friends want to see their DNA changed, otherwise it would be disastrous for them.”

Ambassador Zhang emphasized that China has a mixture of companies of different kinds of ownerships and practices market economy in which all companies are treated as equals. He said, “SOEs, foreign-invested companies and private enterprises are like swimmers in the big ocean of the market economy. They compete on a level playing field. There are no preferential treatments or subsidies given to a certain kind of companies.” Ambassador Zhang added, “There are a great number of SOEs in European countries as well. Whether nowadays or in history, these companies have played an important role in Europe’s economic and social development.”

Ambassador Zhang expressed the hope that the EU would not discriminate against a certain kind of companies simply because of their ownership structure, be it European SOEs or non-EU SOEs.

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