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Ambassador Zhang Ming Has a Video Conference with CCCEU Members

On 1 April 2020, Ambassador Zhang Ming, Head of the Chinese Mission to the EU, had a video conference with members of the China Chamber of Commerce to the EU (CCCEU). Ambassador Zhang listened to reports about the pandemic response efforts of Chinese companies in Europe as well as major challenges confronting them and their needs at present. With the presence of Xia Xiang, Minister-Counselor for Economic and Commercial Affairs in the Chinese Mission to the EU, the conference was attended by Chairwoman Zhou Lihong and Vice Chairman Lin Ji of the CCCEU as well as heads of business associations and 15 Chinese companies operating in Europe such as China Three Gorges Corporation, Huawei, ZTE and China Railway Group.

Representatives from the companies briefed Ambassador Zhang on how they have responded to the COVID-19 outbreak and what challenges they have run into in business activities over the months. They shared the view that it is even more important right now to work together to tide over the hard time.

Ambassador Zhang sent his regards to the employees of Chinese companies in Europe and expressed his appreciation for their contributions to domestic and European efforts to combat the pandemic. He encouraged the companies to continue working hard to ensure the safety of all employees in Europe and supporting the European and global response to the pandemic, with the vision of building a community with shared future for mankind. Ambassador Zhang noted that the Chinese Mission to the EU has always attached great importance to the health and safety of employees of Chinese companies operating in Europe and their business operations. Efforts have been made to address some of the problems discussed at the conference while more remains to be done in collaboration with the relevant authorities in China. After the storm comes the sunshine. Confidence and solidarity will be the ultimate weapon against the outbreak. The path of China-EU economic and trade cooperation is bound to run wider and longer.

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