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Ambassador Zhang Ming Attends the Coronavirus Global Response Pledging Event On Behalf of Chinese Government

On 4 May 2020, Ambassador Zhang Ming, Head of the Chinese Mission to the EU, attended and addressed the Coronavirus Global Response Pledging Event on behalf of the Chinese government.

Ambassador Zhang said that there are no onlookers in face of the pandemic and all countries are in a community with a shared future. At the Extraordinary G20 Leaders’ Summit, President Xi Jinping called on the international community to enhance confidence, act with unity, and comprehensively strengthen international cooperation. The G20 leaders made serious commitment to working together in response to the pandemic, lending new impetus to the global fight against the virus. In a recent phone call with President Ursula von der Leyen, Premier Li Keqiang expressed China’s appreciation to the EU for actively answering WHO’s call and launching the pledging event, which China is willing to support.

Ambassador Zhang noted that China is a responsible member of the international community. Despite the daunting task of outbreak response at home, China is doing its best to help those countries in need. The Chinese government has set up a special fund on COVID-19 cooperation and provided much-needed supplies to more than 150 countries and international organizations. Local governments, charities, NGOs, and business communities in China have also played an active part in this regard. China has stepped up research efforts in response to the outbreak. China is sharing experience and protocol guidance and diagnostics and treatment with the rest of the world without any reservation, has set up its online COVID-19 knowledge center that is open to all countries, has held over 120 video conferences with health experts from over 160 countries and international organizations, and has sent 19 medical teams to 17 countries. China also supports other countries in getting commercial access to medical supplies in China.

Ambassador Zhang stressed that the WHO has played a central role in coordinating global response to COVID-19 and China will support the WHO as always. China will expand the special fund on COVID-19 cooperation as necessary, and support the UN Global Humanitarian Response Plan. China will take an active part in the ACT Accelerator program launched by the WHO and other parties and step up research cooperation with CEPI, GAVI and other international agencies, with a view to jointly building ironclad defense against the virus.

Ambassador Zhang pointed out that developing countries should not become the weak link in the outbreak response. China has, in light of the evolving situation and the needs and request of some countries, helped them shore up public health system and strengthen their response capacity. China calls on the international community to jointly support developing countries, and stands ready to step up trilateral and multi-party cooperation in this regard.

Ambassador Zhang emphasized that in fighting the virus, confidence and solidarity are more valuable than gold. Panic and blame game are more dreadful than the virus itself. Together, the international community will rise up to the challenge and prevail in the fight against the virus.

The pledging event was convened by the EU and other countries in response to the WHO’s call, to promote diagnostics, treatment and vaccine research on COVID-19. It brought together 42 heads of state and senior representatives of government, UN Secretary-General, WHO Director-General, in addition to other participants.

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