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Minister Peng Gang Attends the Online Opening Ceremony of the "Multilingualism in the European Union" Exhibition

On September 17, Mr. Peng Gang, Minister (Commerce) of the Chinese Mission to the EU, was invited to attend the online opening ceremony of the exhibition “Multilingualism in the European Union” co-sponsored by the DG Interpretation/Translation of the European Commission and the Shanghai International Studies University.

In his remarks, Minister Peng said that President Xi Jinping pointed out that the key to sound relations between states lies in amity among the people, and the amity lies in communication among young people. Over the past three decades, the China-EU Interpreter Training Programme has achieved fruitful results. This is an excellent example of people-to-people amity and closer cultural and personnel exchanges between China and the EU. It’s important for China and the EU to seek common ground while shelving differences, strengthen dialogue, enhance mutual understanding and trust, expand common interests through cooperation and solve various difficulties through development. This will help deepen bilateral exchanges and cooperation and promote the steady and long-term development of bilateral relations.

EU Ambassador to China Nicolas Chapuis, Director-General for Interpretation Ruiz Caravela and Director-General for Translation Rytis Martikonis of the European Commission, Jiang Feng, Party Secretary of Shanghai International Studies University, and Che Weimin, Minister Counselor of the Chinese Mission to the EU also attended the meeting.

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