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Minister Peng Gang Attends the Online Symposium on China-EU and China-Belgium Economic and Trade Relations

On September 16, Mr. Peng Gang, Minister (Commerce) of the Chinese Mission to the EU, attended the Online Symposium on China-EU and China-Belgium Economic and Trade Relations sponsored by the Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (BCECC), and delivered a keynote speech. Minister Peng was joined by BCECC Chairman Bernard Dewit, Counsellor Zhou Zhaoming (Commerce) of the Chinese Embassy to Belgium and more than 50 Chinese and European business people.

In his keynote speech, Minister Peng said that despite great challenges since the outbreak of COVID-19, China-EU economic and trade cooperation has shown great resilience and vitality. Last year, China became the EU’s largest trading partner for the first time. This year, bilateral trade and investment has registered a double-digit growth, showing an even stronger momentum. This reflects the solid foundation and mutually beneficial nature of our bilateral cooperation, as well as the strong desire of Chinese and European businesses for close cooperation. At this critical moment marked by the changing international landscape and uneven and inadequate global economic recovery, it is hoped that the EU would continue to maintain a fair, just and open stance, avoid conflicts and confrontations, and work with China to safeguard the hard-won bilateral cooperation, so as bring more benefits to businesses and people of both sides and inject more positive energy into global growth.

Minister Peng also answered questions on such topics as the China-EU investment agreement, supply chain adjustment and the internationalization of RMB.

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