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Combating Cults and Protecting Human Rights(2002.01.08)
                                                                                                 08 January 2002

Distinguished Guests,
As we joyously ring in the new year of 2002, I wish to, first of all, take this opportunity to say Happy New Year to you. I wish all of you healthy and prosperous in this year. I also wish to extend the warmest welcome to you for coming to today’s exhibition.

The main purpose of the exhibition today is to expose the cult-nature atrocities by Fanglun Gong of destroying lives, families and endangering society.  We also wish to give you a real picture of the painstaking efforts by the Chinese Government and society to help, educate and redeem the deceived Falun Gong addicts and help them return to the society.  Falun Gong is a cult that began to develop since the early 90s of the last century. Li Hongzhi, the leader of Falun Gong, has been enticing and deceiving some people into the cult by taking advantage of such beautiful terms as improving physical health. Li exercises spiritual control over the practitioners by fabricating heresies of "coming of a doomsday", "going to the heaven" and achieving "real completion" and hence causing serious social damages.  Up till now, over 1700 practitioners have committed suicide or died as a result of refusing medicine or medical treatment. Thousands of others were maimed either physically or mentally, or killing people, their kith and kin and even those with whom they had no relationship whatsoever. Some addicts have been led astray from their normal life, family, friends and the beautiful world. Thousands of families were bereft of harmony and happiness. Not so long ago, Fu Yibin, an addict in Beijing tightly controlled by Falun Gong spiritually, committed an astonishingly inhuman tragedy by chopping his father and wife to death and severely injuring his mother.    

Facts well prove that the Falun Gong is not a religion at all. As every other cult in the world, it endangers families and the whole society, wrecks humanity and severely devastates human rights. In order to safeguard the human rights of the Falun Gong practitioners, their families and all others possible, the Chinese Government banned in 1999 the Cult entirely on the basis of law and in full compliance with legal procedures. When tackling the Falun Gong Cult, the Chinese Government strictly distinguishes between the law-breaking elements and the ordinary practitioners. Those that are brought to justice are criminals engaged in illegal activities by using the cult in violation of law. The overwhelming majority of Falun Gong practitioners are deceived victims who do not know the nature of the Cult. The Chinese Government's policy is to persuade, educate and redeem. Competent departments and people of different sectors have done a great deal to help them get rid of the spiritual shackles from the cult. Over 98% of them have thus returned to the society and normal life. It is well in accordance with law that the Chinese Government tackles the cult-related criminal activities. Efforts as such have been well acknowledged and supported by people from various walks of life, including those from the religious circles.

Cults are a public hazard in the world. To combat cults is a common duty of all countries. The Chinese Government looks forward to increasing exchange of experience in jointly studying how to combat cults and safeguard human rights. Li Hongzhi, the cult leader is still busily engaged in persistent cult activities. Any people with justice and conscience shall guard against the Falun Gong Cult. It is my sincere hope that the exhibition today can help our dear friends have a better knowledge and understanding of the cult nature of Falun Gong. I wish all of us could join our hands to better safeguard our precious human rights by stopping the Falun Gong from wrecking our lives, health and spirit.
Thank you.

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