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Address by H.E. Ambassador Song Zhe at the Launching Reception for the China Daily European Weekly

Respected Mr. Martinusz,

Mrs. Ivanova,

Mr. Vanraes,

Mr. Qu Yingpu,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Friends,

Good afternoon!

First, I wish to express, on behalf of the China Mission to the European Union, our warmest congratulations on the launching of the China Daily European Weekly. China Daily is recognized as one of the most influential English-language media in China. Both its newspapers and website focus on reporting China's latest developments, presenting China to the rest of the world. This effort to launch the first Chinese English-language newspaper in Europe bears important and long-term significance. I am sure that this Weekly will become a unique window and a fresh platform for European readers to know about China's development, progress, policies, and its relations with Europe and beyond.


Today, China and Europe enjoy the world's most stable, influential, and constructive relations among all major powers. Over the years since we established diplomatic ties, we have recorded historical leapfrog developments in our relations and have built between us broad, all-directional and multi-tiered cooperation. The profound changes that take place in the world today make countries more interdependent. The grave global challenges make us all share a same destiny. Such externalities uplift the global and strategic significance of China-EU ties. In this light, more people are becoming close observers of our relations. We all hope that our mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation will help boost each other's economic and social progress, benefit the two peoples, and promote world peace, stability, and prosperity.

For both China and Europe, 2011 is a year of huge importance. China will move on to implement its 12th Five-Year Plan. Europe will start to ground its 2020 Strategy. Broader and deeper cooperation between us will add more strategic importance to our ties. The year 2011 also celebrates the EU-China Year of Youth-the first thematic year in the history of our bilateral relations. Last week, we held a grand opening ceremony in the European Commission for this event. Later in the year, we will also have a number of important political exchanges including the 14th China-EU Summit, the Second High-Level Strategic Dialogue, and the Fourth High-Level Economic and Trade Dialogue. In this sense, this is a perfect moment to launch the China Daily European Weekly. I sincerely hope and strongly believe that journalists and editors of China Daily will seize this opportunity, so that more and more timely, accurate, and comprehensive information about China and China-EU relations will be made available to EU institutions and the European people. I am confident that you will enjoy stronger reputation and influence in Europe, and we will see more and more highlights in your coverage. I sincerely look forward to your new contributions to the better understanding, stronger cooperation and comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Europe in the future.

Thank you!

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