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Response of the Spokesperson of the Chinese Mission to the EU to Questions on EU-China Economic and Trade Issues

Q: Recently, EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht reportedly said that the EU should be more aggressive in dealing with EU-China economic and trade frictions since the EU’s economy is far bigger than that of China and Europeans can get nothing from the Chinese by being polite. Do you have any comment?

A: China and the EU enjoy one of the world’s most important trading relationships. Economically, they are partners more than competitors. It is normal that trade frictions sometimes arise. The key, however, is to put those frictions into perspective rather than act impulsively or try to gain advantage by taking a tough stance. The China-EU 2020 Strategic Agenda for Cooperation, released after the 16th China-EU Summit, reaffirms explicitly that China and the EU should strengthen communication and handle trade frictions through dialogue and consultation as a preferred option. We adhere to this principle and advocate for China and the EU to address any disputes by enhancing cooperation for win-win results.

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