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Response of the Spokesperson of the Chinese Mission to the EU to questions on EESC President Henri Malosse's Irresponsible Remarks on Tibet

Q: On March 10th, Mr. Henri Malosse, President of the European Economic and Social Committee, went to Dharamsala, India and attended an event there organized by the "Tibetan government in exile" to mark the so-called "55th anniversary of the Tibet uprising". He said that the "Tibet issue" is "a question of liberty, democracy and solidarity, which are the values at the foundation of the European Union and thus support must be brought to the "Middle Way" approach of Tibetans and to the dialogue with China". What is your reaction to his remarks?

A: Tibet has been an integral part of China since the 13th century and Tibet-related issue is China's internal affairs. On March 10th, 1959, after a failed armed insurgency planned to claim "Tibet independence", the Dalai Lama fled abroad. The so-called "Tibetan government in exile" is an illegal organization, not recognized by any single established government in the world.

In total disregard of China's opposition, Mr. Henri Malosse, President of the EESC, has connived with "Tibetan government in exile", publically supported its separatist agenda and made irresponsible remarks over China's domestic affairs. We strongly oppose his actions and remarks.

No one knows Tibet better than the Chinese people. Dramatic changes have taken place in Tibet over the past six decades since its peaceful liberation. It has achieved remarkable economic and social progress, with much higher living standard, thriving local traditions and culture, and well-protected freedom of religion. People of various ethnic groups there enjoy human rights and freedom under the law. Any unbiased person can easily see the fact.

The essence of the Tibet-related issue is not about freedom, democracy and human rights, but of China's sovereignty, a question of unity versus separation of the nation. Dalai Lama's "Middle Way" is a disguised approach to independence, aiming to create a "Greater Tibet" covering one fourth of China's territory, which has never existed in history. This is totally unacceptable to the Chinese government and people. The central government has made it clear that the door for talks with the Dalai Lama remains open. Should he sincerely wish to see progress of the talks, he must refrain from stepping up the separatist activities.

We urge Mr. Malosse to correct his wrongdoing, stop supporting Tibetan separatists and interfering in China's domestic affairs. He should take immediate measures to neutralize the negative impact and abide by the EU's commitment to recognizing Tibet as an integral part of China and opposing "Tibet independence" in order to avoid further damage to China-EU relations.

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