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News letter Issue No.31

Issue No.31

     February 8, 2010

On Feb.3, H.E. Ambassador Song Zhe, Head of the Mission of the P.R.China to the EU, had a speech on the informal dialogue with the European Parliament on China. To read the speech, please see http://www.chinamission.be/eng/jd/t656006.htm

On Feb.2, H.E. Ambassador Song Zhe, made remarks at the Opening Ceremony of the "Chinese New Year in the European Parliament". To read the speech, please see http://www.chinamission.be/eng/jd/t655773.htm

On Feb.3, Chinese President Hu Jintao called for the whole nation's efforts to accelerate the adjustment of economic development pattern to promote sound and fast economic and social development. Hu urged the country to enhance its capacity of independent innovation, deepen reform of the system for managing science and technology, and speed up its building of a "grand pool" of innovation-oriented talents in a bid to give scientific and technological support for the transformation. Hu also urged to improve energy, resources, ecological and environmental conservation and enhance China's capacity for sustainable development. Other major tasks listed by Hu to accelerate economic adjustment include balancing economic and social development, promoting development of the cultural industry, and adjusting the development mode of foreign trade. The adjustment of development mode would help to improve the country's economic development quality and efficiency, the economy's international competitiveness and anti-risk capability, and to expand the space for China's development. Hu admitted the adjustment would be a prolonged and arduous effort, but said the work could be pushed forward by unwaveringly deepening reform in various sectors. To read the article, please go to http://english.cpc.people.com.cn/66102/6887339.html

On Feb.4, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao on Thursday urged to boost development of social undertakings and improvement of people's livelihoods while pushing forward the transformation of economic growth mode. Wen said development of science, education and culture was key to the transformation of China's economic growth mode and its sustainable development. He urged that plans should be made to forge a number of emerging strategic industries as the mainstay of China's economy, and that traditional industries should be upgraded with the latest technologies to enhance their efficiency and competitiveness. He also called for stepped-up efforts in technological self-innovation, the creation and protection of intellectual properties. Reforms in China's education system must also be carried forward so as to promote quality education and to give the schools more say in their operation, the Premier said. Noting that culture was an important factor in boosting the country's development and the revitalization of the nation, Wen said policies to support the development of cultural industries and innovations should be perfected. In addition, he stressed that boosting employment should be given top priority in China's social and economic development. The Premier said the country's income distribution system should be perfected so that all 1.3 billion Chinese could enjoy the fruit of the country's reform and opening up drive. He also urged that the country's social security system should be perfected. The public should be fully motivated to contribute to the development of social undertakings, in order to improve the quality and efficiency of public services, Wen said. To read the article, please go to http://english.cpc.people.com.cn/66102/6888538.html

On Jan.28, in a keynote speech delivered at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang called for international efforts to promote the sound recovery and sustained development of the world economy in the post-crisis era. He introduced the measures China had taken to deal with the international financial crisis, its achievements and China's intended follow-up economic policies. The vice premier said the crisis did not change the fundamentals and long-term positive trend of China's economic development. China needs to follow a scientific outlook on development -- accelerating essential transformation of economic growth pattern, intensifying strategic adjustment of economic structure and endeavoring to explore new development models. As a responsible and big developing country, China will stick to its path of peaceful development and mutually beneficial opening-up strategy, work together with other countries to promote the building of a harmonious world with sustained peace and common prosperity. Countries in the world should further share responsibility and enhance cooperation under the complicated situation. Li laid out a five-point proposal regarding world economic recovery and sustained development in the post-crisis era. To read the article, please go to http://english.cpc.people.com.cn/66102/6882125.html

Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi said on Feb.5 that his Europe tour marked a good start for China's diplomacy in 2010. From Jan. 25, Yang attended conferences on Afghanistan in Istanbul and London and a global security policy meeting in Munich, and paid visits to Turkey, Cyprus and France. The minister said an important part of his tour was to engage in public diplomacy. China has attracted greater attention worldwide. The country has all the more reason to do a better job in public diplomacy, he said. On China-EU ties, Yang said that as each other's major trade partners, the two sides have maintained all-round, wide-ranging and multi-level cooperation, and formed an all-round strategic partnership. The development of Sino-Europe ties indicated that sharing broad common interest, the two sides have been brought closely together by links of both past and present and of strategic consideration. Yang said China is ready to work with Europe in ensuring the steady and sound development of their bilateral relations. He urged both sides to seek new cooperation priorities in the field of sustainable development and join hands in combating protectionism for the recovery of the world economy. He also called for strengthened cultural and personnel exchanges to broaden and reinforce the basis of popular support for China-EU ties. To read the article, please go to http://english.cpc.people.com.cn/66102/6890697.html

On Feb.5, H.E. Yang Jiechi, Minister of Foreign Affairs of PRC, give a speech named“A Changing China in a Changing World” at the Munich Security Conference. To read the speech, please go to http://www.chinamission.be/eng/zgwj/t656781.htm

And he answered some questions after that, to read the article, please go to http://www.chinamission.be/eng/zgwj/t656702.htm

China pledges new efforts to boost rural development. China will put more investment, subsidies, fiscal and policy supports into rural areas this year so as to better coordinate urban and rural development, the central government said on Jan. 31 in its first policy document of the year. The document promised to improve the livelihood of rural residents, which is one of the main tasks in China's efforts to adjust resident income distribution system. Expanding rural demand should be the key measure in boosting domestic demand, while developing modern agriculture should be considered as a major task in transforming China's economic growth pattern. It called for more efforts to maintain grain production, increase of farmers' income and good development momentum in rural areas. To read the article, please go to http://english.cpc.people.com.cn/66102/6883833.html ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

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