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News letter Issue No.32

Issue No.32

     March 01, 2010

On Feb.23, H.E. Ambassador Song Zhe, Head of the Mission of the P.R.China to the EU, made a speech at the Meeting of the Delegation for Relations with China of the European Parliament. To read the speech, please see http://www.chinamission.be/eng/jd/t659787.htm

On Feb.23, H.E. Ambassador Song Zhe, Head of the Mission of the P.R.China to the EU, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Build a Bridge for Understanding and Mutual Trust China-EU Relations after the Lisbon Treaty” at the Breakfast Meeting of the Bureau the People's Party at the European Parliament. To read the speech, please see http://www.chinamission.be/eng/jd/t659711.htm

On Feb.16, H.E. Ambassador Song Zhe, made a presentation named “Tackle Climate Change Actively and Promote Sustainable Development” at an EastWest Institute Seminar. To read the speech, please see http://www.chinamission.be/eng/jd/t658954.htm

Chinese President Hu Jintao calls for China to meet emission cut targets. on Feb.22, members of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee attended a lecture about climate change by two professors. Hu hosted the lecture and called for China to step up efforts to tackle climate change to ensure the country's carbon dioxide emission cut 2020 targets would be reached. Appropriate handling of the climate change issue was vitally important to China's social and economic development and was in the fundamental interests of the Chinese people and people worldwide, he stressed. China has always paid great attention to the issue of combating climate change, and had made noticeable progress after it announced binding targets on the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP and major pollutants as well as the expansion of forest coverage, he said. He called for more efforts to save energy resources, improve energy efficiency, research and promote environmental-friendly technologies and upgrade the country's capacity to tackle climate change. To get more information, please see http://news.xinhuanet.com/english2010/china/2010-02/23/c_13185197.htm

China has no intention of capping its greenhouse gas emissions, said Su Wei, the chief negotiator of China for climate change talks in Copenhagen, on Feb. 24. China "could not and should not" set an upper limit on greenhouse gas emissions at the current phase, and China's greenhouse gas emissions have to grow correspondingly as the country still has a long way to go in improving people's livelihoods and eradicating poverty. However, China will spare no effort to adopt proactive measures to fight the negative effects caused by global warming and achieve the country's ambitious goal of cutting carbon intensity per GDP unit by 40 to 45 percent by 2020, a voluntary target China pledged last November, he said. Many hope a legally binding climate change treaty, will be finalized at a UN meeting in Mexico in December. Yu Qingtai, China's special representative for climate change negotiations, said that players could face hard times in this year's climate negotiations. China will stick to the principle of "common but differentiated responsibilities" and work together with international communities, though a divergence of views on vital issues will be a long-standing problem. For more details, please see http://news.xinhuanet.com/english2010/china/2010-02/25/c_13187687.htm

China drafts new poverty reduction guidelines for next decade. China has decided to draft new guidelines for poverty reduction through development for the next ten years, according to a statement of an executive meeting of the State Council chaired by Premier Wen Jiabao on Feb.10. The statement said that Chinese government has made great efforts to lift the rural poor out of poverty by development in the past decade. Other strides achieved by China are: noticeable improvement in the economic strength and infrastructure in impoverished regions, ecological degradation being brought under control, good progress in construction of a social security network. The poverty reduction departments were told to intensify the relief work by integrating the development of urban and rural areas, and uphold the policy of supporting the poor through economic development. The statement also called for great efforts in the forthcoming decade to ensure the rural per capita net income enjoying a higher growth than the national average. Efforts should also be made to gradually improve the health, the living standard, and capabilities of steady progress for the poor, said the statement. To read the report, please see http://english.cpc.people.com.cn/66102/6893128.html

China steps up supervision to key sectors, officials to curb corruption. China's Ministry of Supervision said On Feb. 25 that it would enhance supervision to key sectors and leading officials this year to ensure clean and efficient work in promoting the country's sound economic and social development. The supervision and examination would target corruption in project construction, real estate development and land management, as well as corruption behind major accidents, the ministry said in a circular outlining major works in 2010. "Lazy and incapable" officials would also be targeted in the supervision to ensure efficiency of government work, according to the circular. China has intensified its fight against corruption recently. In its latest effort, the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee listed 52 unacceptable practices in an ethics code for CPC cadres to follow on Feb. 23 .The code forbids conducts including accepting cash or financial instruments as gifts, and using their influence to benefit their spouses or children with regards to their employment, stock trading or business. For more information, please see http://news.xinhuanet.com/english2010/china/2010-02/26/c_13188313.htm

China would provide tents worth 20 million yuan (2.92 million U.S. dollars) in additional aid to quake-ravaged Haiti, said the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) on Feb. 25. China would try to deliver the tents to Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince in May before its rainy season, said MOC spokesman Yao Jian. With the 20 million yuan of additional aid, China has so far altogether provided humanitarian aid worth 93 million yuan in cash, materials and other supplies to the Caribbean country, after it was hit by a 7.3-magnitude earthquake on Jan. 12. China also sent a medical team consisting of 40 military medical professionals to Haiti in January. To get more information, please see http://news.xinhuanet.com/english2010/china/2010-02/25/c_13187997.htm

The China-ASEAN Free Trade Area (FTA) has greatly pushed forward bilateral trade relations in terms of bilateral trade in January, said Ministry of Commerce spokesperson Yao Jian on February 25. The China-ASEAN bilateral trade volume in January reached 21.48 billion U.S. dollars, up 80 percent year-on-year, of which China exported 10.55 billion U.S. dollars to ASEAN, a year-on-year increase of 52.8 percent, and imported 10.93 billion U.S. dollars from ASEAN, up 117.3 percent year-on-year. All growth rates are higher than the year-on-year level of China's overall foreign trade. Yao said that the China-ASEAN FTA is proving to be win-win cooperation and China has taken into full account the interests of ASEAN countries, especially those who are new members, and has strived to achieve mutual benefits. To read the report, please see http://english.peopledaily.com.cn/90001/90778/90861/6903618.html

Opportunities have emerged to move the stalled six-party talks forward, said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang on Feb. 25 in response to U.S. special nuclear envoy Stephen Bosworth's recent China visit. During his stay in China, Bosworth held several-hour-long talks with Wu Dawei, China's special representative for Korean Peninsula affairs, exchanging views of the current status and efforts to restart the six-party talks. Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi met with Bosworth on Feb. 25 morning, also discussing issues related to the six-party talks. "We are working and will work with other parties concerned to maintain close coordination to make joint efforts for resuming the talks at an early date," Qin told the press conference. To get more information, please see http://news.xinhuanet.com/english2010/china/2010-02/25/c_13188270.htm


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