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China-EU Relations: Facts & Figures - Economy and Trade

-In 2008, China and the EU established "High-level Economic and Trade Dialogue" at vice-premier level. Three such high-level dialogues have taken place to date.

-Bilateral trade between China and the EU reached US$ 546.04 billion in 2012, making the EU China's biggest trading partner and China the second biggest trading partner of the EU. .

-The EU is China's 4th largest source of foreign direct investment in terms of volume. By July 2013, the EU counted as many as 37,319 direct investment projects in China, with a total worth of US$88.34 billion. From January to July 2013, the EU directly invested US$4.45 billion in 813 projects in China.

-By the end of 2012, China's direct investment in the EU amounted to over US$23.7 billion. From January to July 2013, China made over US$ 1.79 billion worth of non-financial direct investment in the EU.

-By July 2013, China imported from Europe a total of 44,375 separate pieces of technology, with a contract value of US$168.8 billion. From January to July 2013, China imported 2,126 pieces of technology from Europe, with a contract value of US$9.6 billion.

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