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China-EU Relations: Facts & Figures - People-to-people Exchanges

-In 2012, China and the EU established a high-level dialogue for people-to-people exchange, making people-to-people exchanges the third pillar of China-EU relations.

-In 2011, China and the EU jointly organized the “China-EU Year of Youth”. Under the theme of “Bridges of Friendship”, the two sides held more than a hundred activities including youth open days, youth week, a youth forum, festivals and debates.

-In 2012, China and the EU jointly hosted the “China-EU Year of Intercultural Dialogue” with more than 300 cooperation projects in 9 categories. China’s 22 provinces and all 27 EU member states participated in the biggest cultural exchange event.

-China has signed agreements with 16 EU member states so far for the mutual recognition of academic degrees.

-By the end of 2012, the number of Chinese students studying in EU countries reached 242,900. Among them 76,000 started their studies abroad in 2012. 35,000 Europeans came to study in China that same year.

-In 2012, 5.9 million European tourists visited China, and 1.5 million Chinese tourists travelled to the EU.

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