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Response of Chinese International Trade Representative, Vice Minister of Commerce Zhong Shan to Questions on the Fourth China-EU High-level Economic Dialogue (HED) and China-EU Investment Agreement

Q: Could you brief us about the economic outcome of this dialogue?

A: In this dialogue, the two sides exchanged views on economic development in China and Europe. They agreed to conscientiously implement the consensus of the G20 Summit in St. Petersburg for the robust, sustainable and balanced growth of the global economy. The two sides had also made a commitment to promotion of market opening-up, prudent use of trade remedy measures, proper management of trade frictions, and closer cooperation on the WTO and other multilateral occasions. The two sides also agreed to step up cooperation on customs, quality inspection and industry etc. They also had in-depth exchange of views on the early launching of the negotiations on an investment agreement between China and the EU.

Q: You have mentioned the negotiations on China-EU investment agreement. Could you give us more details about this future agreement? In particular, how will this agreement impact the two-way investment between China and the EU?

A: China appreciates the efforts the EU has made in pushing the negotiation process forward. We are happy to see the European Commission has got the mandate for negotiations. I hope the two sides will step up related efforts.

China and the EU have become important trading partners, and they also have great potentials in two-way investment. We are confident that a substantive China-EU investment agreement will promote and facilitate two-way investment and bring our commercial cooperation into a higher level.

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