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MOFCOM Spokesperson on Recent China-EU Economic and Trade relations

Q: Since we just had the second round negotiation on EU-China investment protection agreements at the end of March, perhaps you could talk about the recent trend in EU-China economic and trade relations, including what will happen next.

A: China-EU economic and trade relations has been an important engine for China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership, and the Chinese government has always attached great importance to the development of trade and economic cooperation with the EU. We remain optimistic regarding the future prospect of the economic and trade cooperation with the EU.

Since the launch of China-EU Investment Agreement negotiations last year, two rounds of negotiation have been completed. We believe that an early conclusion of the agreement will contribute to a better investment environment for investors of both sides. Meanwhile, there will be new impetus for the growth in China-EU bilateral investment, and the economic compatibility of both economies will be further deepened.

Currently, the two sides are committed to economic reforms, each facing new challenges in economic development and bilateral trade with each other. China is willing to work with the EU in close communication and coordination in order to maintain an open trade and investment environment, push forward China-EU investment agreement negotiation process, properly resolve trade frictions, and jointly promote China-EU economic trade cooperation to a new level.

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