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Speech by H.E. Song Zhe, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People's Republic of China to The European Union at the "Son of Heaven" Exhibition

Honorable Commissioner Orban,

Dear Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the exhibition "Son of Heaven", an artistic manifestation and cultural presentation of China.

Culture embedded deep in the soul of a people embodies the ethos of a nation. The Chinese traditional culture, enriched in the long history of five thousand years, bears all its imprints on the looks and minds of today's China. To better understand today's China, one has to have a better command of China's history and culture. This evening, the Chinese Mission is very pleased to host this special tour, and treat our friends from the EU institutions with an unusual glimpse of China's history and culture. I hope this tour provide you with new perspectives for observing and comprehending China. I believe exhibition as such will surely contribute to better understanding and stronger friendship between the Chinese and the European peoples.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

What you see here not only epitomizes China's history and culture, but also crystallizes the wisdom and hard work of generations of the Chinese people. Over the past five millennium as history unfolds itself, the Chinese civilization has produced one chapter of brilliance after another, yet the underlying and constant theme has always been the idea of "HE", which means "peace", "harmony" and "unity". Just as Confucius says, people could achieve harmony without necessarily being the same.

Given such cultural heritage, though dynasties waxed and waned, "Sons of heaven" rose and fell, the Chinese nation, has always cherished peace and harmony. The Great Wall mended and fortified many times in history, but it has never been more than a defensive rampart. The Ming Dynasty navigator Zheng He, leading the strongest navy then in the world, only brought with him peace and friendship during his seven overseas trips and never ever attempted to set up a colony. Today, as China strides toward modernization, we are committed to the road of peaceful development and win-win cooperation. China, capable of reform and rejuvenation, has made, and will continue to make in the 21st century contribution to human progress.

Dear Friends,

Culture and art evoke communication of hearts and minds, and are free of language barrier. Our two peoples admire each other's achievements. They are eager to develop mutual understanding and deepen friendship. This constitutes a solid foundation for enhancing mutual trust and cooperation. I hope that this exhibition, together with many more to come, further facilitate communications and promote interactions between peoples, cultures and most importantly, hearts. I also hope that you all enjoy this exhibition, and through this appreciate a diverse and colorful China in the past and a modern China in pursuit of peace, development and harmony!

Thank you.




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