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On achieving the goal of integrating 100 million rural residents into urban household registration system

Q1: “Opinions on Further Promoting the Reform of the Household Registration System” announced the government’s policy objective of transferring 100 million rural and other residential permit holders and integrating them into the urban household registration system. This is a considerable figure. Do you think this goal is achievable?

A1: The figure is indeed large, but we believe the objective to be realistic. The Chinese Ministry of Public Security and the National Bureau of Statistics have carried out an in-depth assessment the current situation, future trends in urbanisation and the impact of this policy. This assessment provides a prediction regarding the number of new urban settlers over the next few years, and suggests that the 100-million objective is indeed possible and doable.

Furthermore, it is very important that we achieve this goal, which aims at further promoting a people-centred urbanisation and development strategy, as outlined in the “National New Urbanisation Plan (2014-2020)”. By allowing for the new urban registration of 100 million people, we will allow these people to better integrate into urban society, and therefore improve their living standards and quality of life.

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