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On social security services for families that have lost their 'only child'

Q3: Some media have reported on the lack of social security for families that have lost their ‘only child’. How can the Chinese government address this issue?

A3: The Chinese government attaches great importance to the support of and care for families that have lost their only daughters or sons. In 2008, a special support system was established for the families which suffered from the disability or death of their ‘only child’. In 2013, this nationwide fund provided for some 671,000 individuals, 407,000 of which were family members of those who had lost only children in approximately 275,000 families. At the end of 2013, the Chinese government issued a cross-departmental joint statement on ‘Improving the Support Work of Families with Special Difficulties in the Area of Family Planning’. This comprehensive scheme covers financial support, pensions, health care and social care programmes, and has led to the adoption of a series of concrete policy measures boosting help to families with special difficulties..Further to this, local party committees and governments have also integrated this support and care work scheme into their general policy programmes aiming at improving social security and personal livelihood.

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