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Q&A on China's two-child policy

Q: China is entering an aging society. Low fertility rate, aging demographic structure and laggard social security system have become significant threats for future development. Who will raise China? Shall the restrictions on two-child policy be lifted?

A: China is the most populated developing country in the world. In the long-term, China’s basic conditions will remain the same: a huge population, weak economic foundations, scarce resources in per capita terms, insufficient environmental capacity and uneven development. The pressure on the economy, society, resources and environment which comes with such a large population as China’s will persist. In view of this, family planning is absolutely crucial to envision a sustainable future.

With due consideration given to factors such as a stable birth rate, economic and social development, demographic changes but also the Chinese people’s desires, the Chinese government in 2013 implemented the two-child policy, under which married couples can have a second child if one of the parents is a single child. This policy is currently under review. Based on the results of this review and taking into account all the factors listed above, the government will weigh out the pros and cons and adjust the policy accordingly.

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