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Protection of Yangtze River Highlighted in China(2001.05.28)
Li Peng, chairman of the Chinese NPC Standing Committee lately wrote an inscription for the unfolding of nationwide drive for environment protection and protection of "Ecological Safety of the Yangtze River"

Zou Jiahua, vice chairman of Chinese NPC Standing Committee also gave inscription on the activity as " Protect the Yangtze -- Our Life River".

Initiated in 1993, the activity was co-sponsored by 14 Chinese government departments. This year marks the 10th anniversary of implementation of the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Conservation of Water and Soil. To ensure China's sustainable development, news media outlets have been called to increase coverage on Yangtze River protection.

The guideline of this activity is to earnestly publicize the law and other related regulations and laws, and fully exerts supervision function of laws.

Coverage reports by news media will highlight the No.1 environmental problem of soil erosion. China will increase the harnessing of soil erosion and raise people's awareness of protection of the Yangtze. Meanwhile, government departments at various levels are urged to take actions to harness soil erosion and bring about a virtuous circle of ecological environment in China.

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