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Li Keqiang Attends and Addresses the Plenary Session of the 10th Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Summit

In the afternoon of October 16 local time, Premier Li Keqiang attended in Milan the plenary session of the 10th Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Summit and delivered an introductory speech.

Li Keqiang expressed that the Eurasian continent is the continent with the largest area and population in the world, and boasts most development opportunities and the hugest potential. Since the establishment of the ASEM 18 years ago, its member states have enjoyed increasingly deepened political dialogue and gradually broadened cooperation, and a community of shared interests is coming into being. China is willing to, together with all countries in Asia and Europe, cultivate and condense a sense of Eurasian community, advocate and promote unity and coordination between Asia and Europe, be open and inclusive, share weal and woe, and actively create a new type of Asia-Europe comprehensive partnership for peace and development.

Li Keqiang put forward three proposals on promoting Asia-Europe cooperation:

First, join hands to safeguard peace, security, stability and development in Asia and Europe. The war had brought severe calamity to people in Asia and Europe. All countries should further join efforts to continuously take part in and support world multi-polarization and international multilateral cooperation, cement and improve various dialogue and cooperation mechanisms, properly solve conflict and dispute through political and peaceful means and push forward the formation of a new situation for international relations featuring peaceful co-existence and win-win cooperation.

Second, join efforts to advance connectivity as well as trade and investment liberalization between Asia and Europe. China stands ready to, together with other countries in the region, construct a infrastructure connectivity network linking Asian and European continents. All countries should hold high the banner of the liberalization and facilitation of trade and investment, jointly maintain multilateral trade system and speed up the construction of a Eurasian single market. China suggests to restart the ASEM Economic Ministers' Meeting and to create a cooperation center for Asia-Europe scientific and technological innovation.

Third, work together in promoting Asia-Europe people-to-people and cultural exchanges and social development. All sides should continue pushing cooperation in people-to-people and cultural and social fields, support exchanges at various levels and in multiple channels, and enhance exchanges of experience in urbanization, public health and others areas. China advocates including the cooperation for the disabled into the framework of Asia-Europe cooperation.

Li Keqiang stressed that as a member of the international community and the Eurasian continent, China is making positive contributions to peace and development in the world. China will unswervingly stick to the path of peaceful development and uphold the neighboring policy of good-neighborly friendship, and is willing to share interests of economic development and jointly take on responsibilities for security and stability with its Asian neighbors, so as to constantly broaden peaceful cooperation in Asia.

Li Keqiang pointed out that the epidemic of Ebola hemorrhagic fever poses a grave threat to the security of global public health. The Chinese government will offer a new batch of assistance worth at least 100 million RMB in total to Ebola-stricken areas in West Africa on the basis of previous assistance, and is willing to jointly address the challenge with the international community.

In the end, Li Keqiang expressed that China stands ready to, together with the member states of the ASEM, strengthen dialogue and cooperation and usher in a bright future for Asia-Europe exchanges and cooperation.

On the same day, Li Keqiang attended the opening ceremony of the 10th ASEM Summit.

The ASEM Summit, under the theme of "Responsible Partnership for Sustainable Growth and Security", covers such topics as connectivity and Asia-Europe financial cooperation, global issues, and international and regional hotspot issues. The Summit was attended by leaders from 53 member states, and officially accepted Croatia and Kazakhstan as its members.

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